VL-VS LS Conversion Kit


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K Frame

Choose your K frame for engine mounts


Gearbox mount

Exhaust Headers

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LS Conversion kit for VL-VS commodores.

Comes with Tuff Mount engine mounts and bolt kit

Your choice of rubber or Tuff Mount gearbox mount

Tuff Mounts Gearbox crossmember

Your choice of Pacemaker 1 inch 3/4 pipes or CAE 1 inch 7/8, please note CAE pipes you will need modifications to chassis rail lip to fit

CAE starter relocation kit

Please allow 5-6 weeks for despatch

If using power steering in a VL the best fit is using a V6 K frame with a VN rack and VL intermediate shaft.  VL-VS V8 K frame will also work but the gussets on K frame may need notching to clear sump.

Front hump LS1 VT-VZ sump is needed for conversion